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frequently asked questions

What does it take to be a Million Dollar Agent?

In order to earn 7-figures in real estate, an agent must be responsive, energetic, charismatic, and detail oriented. Becoming a top agent in short order means such things as answering your phone when others won’t, staying an extra hour at your open house, introducing yourself to the person behind you in the grocery store, and starting work every day with a solid plan of attack. You must understand and accept that to be successful an agent must be a marketer first and a real estate expert second. Allow us to stress this point again, the most successful agents are experts in marketing themselves, first and foremost.

What is the Million Dollar Agent Plan®?

The Million Dollar Agent Plan® is our exclusive strategy designed to develop new and experienced agents into 7-figure earners. It includes a highly competitive compensation plan, an all-inclusive marketing plan, an industry-leading benefits package, and a proprietary sales & marketing training program focused on increasing the number of closed deals and making you more money. 

What is different about Living Vogue Real Estate?

Living Vogue Real Estate understands that the timeworn “Old Guard” real estate companies are living in an extinct world. These brokerages are no longer the gatekeepers of real estate information. Consumers now have roughly the same data as agents, through online sources such as Zillow®. So rather than focus on antiquated methods, Living Vogue Real Estate provides value to clients by focusing on the lifestyle aspects of properties rather than their physical or financial attributes. While consumers may be able to determine how many 3-bedroom homes are for sale in a certain neighborhood themselves online, they aren’t able to discern the quality of construction, where you would go grocery shopping, how you would entertain in a space, which beach you’d take your guests to, and so on. We focus on these lifestyle elements to help inform buyer decisions and enable our listings to stand out from others. After all, in life we’re not defined by what we buy, but rather how we live. We believe real estate should be no different.

Why should I join Living Vogue Real Estate?

At Living Vogue Real Estate, we understand the importance of marketing. While most companies emphasize training agents on the fundamentals of real estate, we focus on delivering the tools and skills necessary to gain clients quickly and close more deals. All training is done in the context of increasing sales and revenue generating activities. Unlike other brokers, we provide team members everything they need to be highly successful, with no up-front marketing costs. This allows agents to focus on developing more client leads and closing more deals rather than stress about finances.

Does Living Vogue Real Estate take every agent that applies?

No. Unlike large "Big-Box Store" real estate companies, we are selective. We only want team members that are outgoing, motivated, and willing to push themselves to be successful. We prefer quality over quantity.

Are you looking for new or experienced agents?

Both. Our culture of success supports new AND experienced agents. We also recruit agents with established teams. While experience can help agents be prepared for different situations, it certainly isn’t a limiting factor for success. Drive, energy, and charisma will beat experience in almost every instance. For a limited time, we are offering a new agent special in which we pay for your licensing course, textbooks, and state exam.

What is this going to cost me?

Most brokerages either take a huge percentage of your commission or charge a hefty fee whether you make a sale or not. Not us. There are no monthly costs to join our team, nor do we have mandatory desk-time in an empty office space. We only get paid when you get paid. We also front all of your marketing costs. This allows agents to focus on developing client leads and closing deals rather than stress about finances. We offer a generous commission split of 80/20 (you keep 80% of the commission) for the first $3M in sales annually. After $3M in sales annually our split decreases to 90/10 (you keep 90%). We have a per transaction fee of $195. This fee is typically passed on to your clients at closing (meaning you don't pay it). Most real estate companies don’t disclose their compensation plan. We are confident that our compensation when added to our agent benefits, all-inclusive marketing, and Million Dollar Agent Plan® training program, make Living Vogue Real Estate the most attractive brokerage for agents wanting to take their career to the next level.

What's the process for someone without a license?

  1. Complete our contact form on the website.
  2. Conduct an informal interview with the Broker.
  3. Sign Living Vogue Real Estate joining documents.
  4. Be at least 18 years of age.
  5. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  6. Must have a United States Social Security number.
  7. Complete our 63 hours of approved pre-licensing instruction.
  8. Pass the course exam (study sessions included).
  9. Submit Florida state application.
  10. Submit fingerprints to state.
  11. Pass the Florida sales associate exam (study sessions included).
  12. Enter the Million Dollar Agent Plan® training program.

What marketing do you provide your agents?

  1. Listing appointment presentations.
  2. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) & Expired Listing presentations.
  3. Social media pages and content.
  4. Personal website.
  5. For Sale signs for your listings.
  6. Open house signs for your listings.
  7. Professional photos for your listings.
  8. Videos for your listings.
  9. Websites for your listings.
  10. Advertising for your listings.

What other benefits do you provide your agents?

  1. 500 ultra-premium business cards annually.
  2. Access to trendy downtown office and amenities.
  3. Errors and omissions insurance (liability insurance agents & brokers carry).
  4. Hand-on Broker mentorship.
  5. Enrollment in the Million Dollar Agent Plan® training program.
  6. Zillow® & Trulia® lead generation.
  7. Additional leads and referral opportunities.
  8. Chime CRM software and management App.

How do you generate leads for your agents?

Living Vogue Real Estate has the highest advertising-to-agent spend ratio for generating leads. We also have the highest agent advertising spend on Zillow® & Trulia® for Sarasota and Manatee counties. We use numerous other lead-generating sources across the internet, social media, pay-per-click advertising, organic web traffic, mailers, email campaigns, and relocation partnerships to name a few. All of your leads are tracked and managed in a premium Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software & App. We make sure our agents have a rock-solid base of qualified leads.

Why not join a major brand-named brokerage or large local company?

Brand-named “big-box store” real estate companies are just like any other large organization. They believe in quantity over quality when it comes to employees and agents. This often leads agents to feel more like a number – rather than an important member of the team. New agents are assigned to teams where only the seasoned agent at the top is in a position to become a high earner. These rigid companies employ corporate trainers to instruct and mentor. While these trainers may have a lot of “book-smarts” about marketing and advertising – they often have a very limited amount of success actually selling real estate. Large brokerages also have a lot of rules, regulations, and red tape that inhibit an agent’s ability to be responsive to clients and entrepreneurial in spirit. This corporate culture inhibits an agent’s ability to succeed.