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Can you be a Million Dollar Agent?

YES!  Success is limited by your drive, passion, and charisma. We only accept new or experienced agents looking to take their career to the next level. 

Why should you join Living Vogue?

MONEY, OPPORTUNITY & CULTURE OF SUCCESS! We offer the area's most comprehensive marketing, benefits, and compensation package designed to enable our team members to become highly successful agents. We provide the tools you need to succeed.

Why should you believe us?

BECAUSE HE'S DONE IT!  Mark Coppens, Managing Broker & CEO, started his real estate career just 5 years ago by using a Groupon® to take the pre-licensing course (true story!). In 5 short years, through hard work, perseverance, and intense branding & marketing, Mark grew his sales numbers to over $35M a year, becoming a Million Dollar Agent and eventually opening the flagship office of Living Vogue Real Estate in Sarasota, Florida. He knows what it takes to become a successful agent in a short period of time and is now focused on mentoring rock-star agents to achieve the same level of succes

what they don't tell you about selling real estate


Become a real estate agent in Sarasota

Most people know someone relatively successful in real estate. Or, they've watched one of the many TV shows that showcase the antics of some of the country's most successful agents. It looks easy! A couple of phone calls, some poker-faced negotiating, and BAM - here comes a six-figure commission check! It seems like anyone, regardless of your experience and education, can make lots of money doing this. 


Sarasota real estate company

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 68% of agents who have been in real estate for less than two years earn under $10,000 annually after taxes and expenses. $10k a year won't buy that fancy car and designer handbag. Clearly, there is a huge gap between the DREAM most new or underperforming agents have and the REALITY that most agents experience.

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so why do most agents fail then?

Questions To Ask Your Brokerage:

  • What level of success has the agent or broker mentoring me achieved? 
  • Are they a Million Dollar Agent or simply a trainer with average success?
  • When did my broker or mentor first start out? Is it longer than 10+ years?
  • Is their growth plan still relevant in today's technology-driven industry?
  • Do they provide an all-inclusive package which allows me to obtain a high level of success in a relatively short time? 

It's Not Your Fault

Most agents underperform because the brokerage they work for doesn't provide the tools, training, and focused growth plan they need to succeed.  Rather, agents are hired, cast into the wilderness of real estate, and simply expected to perform. 



  • Trendy Downtown Office Access
  • Hands-On Broker Mentorship
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Company Email & IT Support
  • "Million Dollar Agent Plan®" Training Program
  • Zillow® Lead Generation
  • Complimentary CRM Software & App
  • Personal Website
  • 500 Ultra-Premium Business Cards
  • Social Media Content & Support
  • Additional Leads
  • Client Referral Opportunities
  • Professional Photos For Your Listings
  • Websites For Your Listings
  • Yard Signs For Your Listings
  • Open House Signs For Your Listings
  • Professional Brochures For Your Listings
  • Marketing For Your Listings

How to become a real estate agent.  Become a Realtor.  Take the Florida real estate agent test.

the "million dollar agent plan®" Training program

Our Focus Is On Training You To Make Money Quickly

With most brokerages it takes new agents months to close their first deal and get paid. Not us. We understand the most important training should lead directly to new sales. So while we do teach you the fundamentals of real estate, our focus is on finding you clients immediately and getting you more commission checks. 

For experienced agents, the emphasis is the same. All agent training is focused on revenue generating activities. Million Dollar Agents understand that in order to be successful they need to be marketers first and real estate experts second.

  • Lead generation
  • Developing your Sphere of Influence (SOI)
  • "Farming" a neighborhood
  • Branding yourself through social media
  • Using Zillow®, Trulia®, and® to earn big $$

Focused Hands-On Training

We go outside of the classroom and take you on showings, broker's opens, and listing appointments. You will see firsthand how to meet and convert leads into real clients. We will show you the ropes with social media, branding yourself, and other hands-on activities that most brokers simply don't have time or patience for.

Our industry-leading compensation package

No Up Front Costs

Many  brokerages charge a fixed monthly fee, whether you make a sale or not. Or they take a huge chunk of your commission at closing without providing much value in return. Not us.

We don't get paid until you get paid. That's right, we pay all of your out of pocket up-front marketing costs such as buying business cards, generating leads, taking photos & videos, publishing property websites, buying yard signs, buying brochures, advertising properties, etc. We alleviate this financial burden so that you can focus on making the sale. No other local brokerage does this for its agents.

Our Compensation Plan

  • 80%/20% commission split on first $3M in sales/yr
  • 90%/10% commission split after $3M in sales/yr
  • Team Leads inquire about splits
  • $195 per transaction fee (typically passed on to your clients)
  • No monthly fees or mandatory desk time

see what makes living vogue real estate different

We focus on the lifestyle aspects of properties rather than just their physical & financial attributes. With highly capable online search sites now available to consumers, large "Big-Box Store" brokerages are no longer the gatekeepers of real estate information. We have embraced this paradigm shift, disrupted the antiquated model and are adding value by marketing properties by how you would actually live in them. After all, in life we're not defined by what we buy, but rather how we live. We believe real estate should be no different.

*No LICENSE / No problem - limited time - new agent special*

Free 63 Hr Pre-Licensing Course

Take the Florida real estate license course. Become an agent. Become a realtor.

  • Located in Sarasota
  • Low Teacher to Student Ratio
  • Free Textbook
  • Free Final Exam Test Prep

Free FL Real Estate Sales Associate Exam

Florida real estate sales associate exam

  • Free In-Classroom Test Prep
  • Free Florida State Exam
  • Additional Instruction & Tutoring As Needed

Enrollment in Million Dollar Agent Plan®

Million dollar agent plan.  Living vogue real estate new agents

  • Industry Leading Compensation
  • All-Inclusive Marketing & Branding 
  • Million Dollar Agent Plan® Training Program

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